Autonomous translator. Fiction and non-fiction writer. Avid reader. My native language is Spanish, as I am Costa Rican, and I have bilingual fluency in English, both spoken and written. You are welcome to inspect my portfolio in this personal website. You can contact me in order to coordinate conversations, as well as for subsequent collaboration.

My genre literature interests are mostly in the areas of science fiction and fantasy. I also have contact with historical fiction and magical realism. As for academic matters, I am mostly concerned with philosophy and history. Furthermore, I have experience in the medical field (EN<>ES consecutive interpreting), as well as in information technology (technical writing, in English).
       There is a fertile ground to be cherished: the “leaf-mould of the mind”, in Tolkien's words, the fruits of which I gradually reap across time. My writings originate from short creative burts (whether they be about fictional or non-fictional matters) that I have been progressively producing. The pertinent contents of this website are not listed in accordance to their date of authorship. My original work is both in Spanish and in English, depending on topic, with the corresponding translations (the site itself included). Every instance of indulging in imaginative writing is an enriching and enjoyable endeavour.


Some words of gratitude I want to express:

A List of Fiction

Here is a list of works of fiction that I have read, am reading, or plan on doing so. The scope is limited to science fiction and fantasy.

Concerning Free (Libre) and Open Source Software

While I am not a software developer, nor other kind of information technology specialist, it behoves me to indicate that I am a supporter of free (libre)[1][2] and open source[3] software (FOSS[4]). It is due to this advocacy (deficient and growing at it is) that I use the tools and services I have selected for several functions, in accordance with my necessities and within my possibilities. In order to avoid saturating this section with a list of hyperlinks, as there are both repositories and official websites to consider, I recommend you consult my GitHub profile to view the programs and developers I follow there.